Monday, 15 December 2014


you carry l i g h t 
in your crackled hands
and i wait for morning
to shine its first moon glow
in through the winter
w h i t e
of day

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Any storm

Your eyes find cluster constellations
that mine can't quite map, yet.
Smoke fills the evening sky
as Jupiter shines down
on the icy bogside;
december's first night.

Ink on skin finds points
of no return;
moons in every phase to come.
Talk of caravans and lists
on damp paper
fill your kitchen
with hope and confusion.

And then you ask me
for 'Scaffolding',
and I know our wall 
will weather any storm;
any storm that comes.

Monday, 17 November 2014


Awakening to the metallic chatter of late starlings
on Rosemount's mossy rooftops,
the night's pewter veil lifts slowly with the fog.

An old garden at the bottom of a seaside hill,
derelict, abandoned; beautiful,
and all around tourists capture loosening
moments on film.

Loneliness crept through my bones
and dragged me into the ivy,
and there he was, sound echoing out
in that folkloric way
-woodsman/ bird; woodpecker.

I allowed the red of him
to reflect out
the last of the scene's winter rays,
before the morning came. 


We walk streets- filled with rain and Christmas.
as the fog fades away; gently.
Words-not quite shared, never fully hidden-
hold sway in the bog.
A green kitchen- dark, still, autumnal;
filled with honesty.

I open up old wounds, as the radio plays,

too quiet for our eager ears.
Your eyes-pure/true/bright,
catch me out, as November drizzle
falls softly down,
on heavy coats.


Iceland, Spring 2013

and yet there is such stillness; buried deep.


Last night I dreamed
of heavy rain
-decaying, rhythmic, beautiful,
pounding on an old tin roof.
That northern sky, dark as buried mines,
filled slowly with rusty green dancers;
every lamp in the house was lit.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Two blackbirds flit in and out
of dead, fallen branches,
in a garden filled with
brand new colour
and a Belfast sink.
Ferns, green and hardy,
trail down from the roof
and the black iron window bars
have started to peel;
beautiful rust outside these
dove grey walls.

The daffodils have begun
to wilt, 
yellow giving way to blue.
Harebells find pathways 
through the woods
and I see apple blossoms
in a new light.
We talk of being children
in an era long gone
and I can smell sea-salt
on my open hands.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Light lingers,
like the smell of thyme
on that newly born mountain.

Spring, fresh as birth/
wild as oak,
holds her tune.

Our river,
mysterious and ancient as the night,
rushes forth.

The past is younger than our fading youth.
I gather my mornings in close
and pick harebells in the evening's white glow.


Eyes shut to the yellow-grey glow
above the icy, new-born land,
I feel the sea mist rise up from the South.

One tin hut below us
- the only sign of our print upon the land.

Fyll encircle the cliff, returning to colonial nests
in a cacophony of guttural cries;
ownership and instinct.

The rain has made the lichen seem brand new;
wet orange paint on old, decaying wood.
The smell of thyme fills the air
and I find arctic river beauty;
spongy and filled with light.

Stillness takes hold, delicately,
and words are lost to the North Atlantic breeze
that carries a perfect skein of Heidagaes
above this folkloric cliff.

Friday, 25 April 2014


All wilderness seemed gone
on the last night in the city.
Days of wandering 
along zig-zag mountains,
(not quite real; kept hidden
across the Atlantic)
all boxed away inside of us.
No signs here, downtown,
of that snowstorm/
those crashes under grey-gold sky;
just beyond troll rocks and pure black sands.

Glacial maps folded away
in preparation for our return to civilization.
And so I begin to grieve, the fragments inside of me,
(reflected in milky blue waters), long to be frozen here
onto this barren landscape; forever.

The city's bright lights, after such vast emptiness,
blind me at the icy harbour.

And then, without warning, they appear; above the grey buildings.
Dancing, in spite of the sound and light, wild and unstoppable;
the Northern lights above Harpa.

You hold my hand, 
as the world around still spins.
As the wilderness covers the city lights
with its green, ancient grip.


Waiting for the snow to calm,
The land, white and lunar
beneath volcanic heights,
holds its breath.

We journey to the very South
of this Northern Island
in search of barren solitude
and silence.

Water gushes down,
falling like moonlight onto black rocks.
But we can hear no sound at all
from the cliff face,
Until oyster-catchers
undo the bright, still silence;


I knew that there would be mountains.
Vast, volcanic; violet hues grasping at grey snow-light.
The rift, too, long imprinted on the map on my inside, certain;
almost known.

The moss, botanical expression of courage
alongside memories of horses, brown and wild.
This land of fire and ice; etched in columns of basalt on my mind.

Pink-footed geese fill the fields
and fly powerfully above me; filling the sky with wonder.

And then they appear, against a backdrop 
of wooden Church and cotton bog-land;
elusive and melancholic as the dancing lights .
Painted cream and yellow by the snow and sun;
back from Alba.

No words can frame this moment.
I will hold it, like ice in my hands,
until the Winter comes back home.



Iceland, Spring 2014.

Words and drawings.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Paths wind and meander
through passes made from ice and saga;
a fierce and fragile beauty.

Moss, greener than growth ,

covers volcanic rock;
spills onto damp paper
-circles in Icelandic clay.

Light, white as time/

soft as morning;
stillness atop ancient triangles.

Feathers on wet basalt

as time refracts off
blue spring;

You stand beside a map of glacial water

as I collect elements
in my ice cold hands.

weeds and wild places

I spent five joy filled days on the island of Iceland last week. It was too magical to be truly real but I have drawings, pictures and words to remind me of the majesty the natural world opened up for me. I will slowly share them in this little space here.

'I want to go out into the wakening, blue world with you.' 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Milk flower

February, once more,
and the World is hopping/
outside of one circle,
into the next;
new beginnings.

The sky- red peach
-awakening to the
deep call of crows
at the first frost of morning.

Saint Bride has carried
back the light
on the wings of the oyster catcher
and the islands
are painting their hills
green in gratitude.

I fill my room with lavender
and sea thistle
in brown medicine bottles;
A botanical apothecary of life.

You send words to me
across a stormy sea
and I remember the wild flowers
of Inch island
in August's haze.

But the light is changing/
resurfacing/ reflecting
and all around of us
will be translated
into other words;
written on the wind.

I dress in white, again
and welcome back the snowdrops;

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Spring has brought back the green of the greenest fern and the light of many ancient lanterns. This year I feel as though I am remembering the way through the woods, on a path long lost to the Winter's snow and wild, beautiful ivy. 

and yet there is such stillness; buried deep

I grew up climbing trees, eating beans on toast, watching birds, swimming in the Atlantic Ocean, drawing weeds in lead pencil and making wreaths from wild flowers. I still do all of these things. 

Our beautiful world may sometimes be hard and a wee bit sad... *and yet there is such stillness; buried deep*

 Welcome to *milkweed*